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         Credit Protector

Welcome to Comprehensive Credit Repair!

Get Credit easier, faster and at lower interest rates!

The Credit Protector Plan is a comprehensive Credit repair and improvement service that offers the following benefits:

1. Credit Check Up:

Monitors your Credit rating by sending you a Credit Report plus a Credit Assessment

once every three months so you can easily track your progress,

 2. Score Improve

Improves your Credit Score by up to 100 points,

   3. Manual Update:

Corrects any incorrect information on your Credit profile,

 4. Account Clear:

Removes any number of Accounts that you have not paid in at least three years, off your Credit profile,

5. Default Clear:

Removes any number of Defaults off your Credit profile,

6. Judgment Clear:

Removes any number of Judgments off your Credit profile,

7. Debt Review Clear:

Removes you from Debt Review,

8. Identity Theft Clear:

Monitors, restores and lets you recover from Identity Theft and removes any fraudulent accounts and SAFPS listings off your Credit profile.

* Terms and Conditions Apply


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